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Esiarambatsi health center (EHC)

Nurse volunteer attending to a child

Project Name: Esiarambatsi health center 

August 2023 

Code: KVDA/STV/08C 

Dates: 7th-28th August 2023 

Orientation: 7th August 2023 

Travel to the Project: 8th August 2023 

Project closure: 27th August 2023 

Travel from the project: 28th August 2023 

Location: Vihiga County, Western Kenya 


Project overview 

Esiarambatsi Health Centre is one of the health centers established in  the wider Emuhaya district to cater for the medical needs of the local people  in the community. It’s a community-based health center which cares for  mothers, children’s and also people living with HIV/AIDS. The centre also  offers pre-and ante-natal cares to women. The local community is composed  of the Luhya community which occupies the vast western Kenya region and  the local people are hospitable and welcoming. HIV/AIDS is a major  challenge in the local community that has resulted into many challenges that  have had a negative impact on the socio-economic development of the  community.  

The health center is a community initiative that is currently run by the  Ministry of health and has three nurses who work under a nursing officer in  charge. 

The center offers curative, preventative and promotion services.

Water is available from streams, rain water occasionally harvested and  volunteers have the opportunity to learn to live in adversity and especially  when Kenya grapples with the poverty challenge that is the single most  obstacles to sustainable development. 


  • The main objective of the project is to provide health care to the community  using locally available resources. 
  • The empowerment program reaches out to ensure that the local community  is integrated into the day to day activities and the role of the volunteers is to  play the role of the catalyst to re-activate the process. 
  • Most community members are small scale farmers who are not even able to  produce enough food to support their own families 

Target Group: The target group consists of community members. 

Location: The project is located in Emuhaya District of the Western region  of Kenya approximately eight hours drive from Nairobi city. 

Nature of Work: Volunteers placed in this project will be involved in the  following activities: 

  • Medical work in the dispensary such as registration of patients, giving  out patients following the doctors’ description, observation and noting  the progress of every patient, and cleanliness at the hospital.  
  • Family planning services, immunization, maternal and child health are  some of the services offered at the project 
  • The volunteers will also be involved in awareness creation in the  community to promote the sustainability of the livelihood among  community members both in community forums and also in local  schools. Moreover, volunteers placed in this project will engage the  community members in a study topic: focus on public health and  sanitation especially in the local schools to be able to develop a young  generation that is equipped with information. Hence volunteers will be expected to work hand in hand with the hospital management to  realize the goals of the placement in this project and thus enhance the  capacity of the health facility.
  • The volunteers will be assigned duties in the health facility by  professional staff

AGE: Volunteers have to be at least 18 years old to participate in the work  camp. There is no upper age limit 

PROJECT Activities 

The facility offers health services to the local community members TYPE OF WORK CAMP: MEDI 

Volunteers will work for maximum of six hours daily from Monday to Friday  and the schedule is flexible to suit into the capability of individual volunteers.  The focus will be on the following: 

Work and Intercultural activities:  

  • Volunteers will be assigned duties in the health facility by  professional staff 
  • Cultural days for various nationalities 
  • Home visits and topical discussion with the local people on thematic  focus of the project 
  • Excursion to Lake Victoria in Kisumu and Kakamega Rain Forest 

PROJECT PARTICIPANTS: Maximum 20 volunteers from Kenya and  the international community 

What to carry?  

This is outlined in the detailed info sheet and includes, sleeping bag and mat,  toiletries, torch, flashlight, sandals, mosquito net, national flag from your  country, among others 


These are usually symbolic gestures to enhance the solidarity of volunteers  and the hosting community. Kindly contact KVDA for details in case you are  willing to support a worthy cause in the community either by offering a  donation or long-term intervention on the project. 


  • Gender equality implies a society in which women and men enjoy the  same opportunities, outcomes, rights and obligations in all spheres of  life. Equality between men and women exists when both sexes are able  to share equally in the distribution of power and influence; have equal  opportunities for financial independence through work or through  setting up businesses; enjoy equal access to education and the  opportunity to develop personal ambitions. 
  • A critical aspect of promoting gender equality is the empowerment of  women, with a focus on identifying and redressing power imbalances  and giving women more autonomy to manage their own lives.  Women’s empowerment is vital to sustainable development and the  realization of human rights for all. 
  • The project aims to empower the women to actively continue with the  struggle to enhance their capacities and ultimately take the lead in  community development. This takes cognizance of the fact that despite  being overrun by pro-men cultural foundations, women remain the  pillar of families and the most vulnerable gender in the current societal  set-up. 

Orientation: Will be done on 7th August 2023 at Nairobi South YMCA  Hostel in Nairobi and the team will leave for the project on the morning of  8th August 2023. 

Airport pick-up services: 

  • The port of entry to Kenya is Jomo Kenyatta International  Airport in Nairobi 
  • Airport pick up will be done on provision of full flight details.  
  • Volunteers will stay at Nairobi South YMCA Hostel at a subsidized  fees ahead of their project placement. 

Participation FEES 

The project participation fees that is all-inclusive for the 3-week work camp  is Euro 300 

What is not included in the project participation fees: Transport to  and from the project will be paid by the volunteers themselves.  

INSURANCE:KVDA does not provide insurance and volunteers should obtain  travel insurance cover. It is a good idea to get medicine you are used to from  your home country and seek advice from your personal doctor. 


Project preparation cycle, return transfers from the airport, KVDA  administration, orientation, certificate of participation, project coordination,  facilitation, evaluation and monitoring 


Excursion activities, transport to and from the project, local travel, personal  effects, needs and wants. 


KVDA offers educational tours to spectacular sites including the renowned  Maasai Mara Game Reserve at separate fees. Please contact us for specific  tour information.  


  • Volunteers will stay in a house provided by the local community with  very modest living conditions.  
  • Volunteers should bring sleeping bags and mats and have an obligation  to climb down the level of the people with the aim of exposure to  development challenges.  
  • KVDA will provide foodstuffs and volunteers will cook their own meals  in turns.  
  • Water is available from springs and it is recommended that drinking  water should be boiled or medicated. Mineral water available at  supermarkets is also recommended.  
  • There is electricity connection at both the accommodation and health  center so volunteers can charge electrical appliances. 


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