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Nyamira Missionaries Cultural Development

Project Name: Nyamira Missionaries Cultural Development

Code: KVDA/MLTV/2023/16

Service Sector: Cultural Center.

Date 2023.


  • Kenya Voluntary Development Association (KVDA) is an indigenous, non-political and membership organization which is non-sectarian and non-profit making started in 1962 as a work camp organization registered under the Societies’ Act. In 1993, KVDA was registered as a Non-Governmental organization by the establishment of the NGOs Coordination Act.
  • KVDA has since inception hosted over 50, 000 international volunteers to its community service development projects that have left indelible mark to efforts to enhance sustainable development.

Project background


To be the best cultural performers and handicraft makers in Kenya


To create an environment where personal and cultural change that support each other in the context of community.


  1. To establish a presence of a successful suppler of soapstone carvings, clay and wooden artifacts locally and internationally.
  2. To gain a substantial market share of the artifacts and cultural performance and tourist centre at local and international level.
  3. To run orphanage home to cater for orphans and children from poor families for their shelter, food and education.
  4. To engage into community development for empowering women and youth for them to be self-reliant in generating income and being in touch with socio-political realities in the country and at international level.
  5. To engage into voluntary services at local and international level with interested organizations who have common objectives with our organizations to improves living standards of human beings across the world.


Nyamira missionaries was founded and registered with social development in 2002 in Kenya.

The organization is located at Nyaramba -Nyamira County in South Nyanza Region of Kenya.

The organization consists of 137 members consisting men, women, youth who vary the age of 18 years to even 80 years. The organization has the office at Nyaramba market in Nyamira county about 10 km from Nyamira town on way to Ikonge town ship center.

The organization is managed is managed by executive committee that consists of chairperson, vice chairperson, the secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer and 5 members.

The organization runs the following projects;


The project attracts local and international travellers who come to relax and watch the following activities;

  1. The traditional Gusii cultural dances. These live performances that one session takes 1 hour. The dance troupe dances all Gusii cultural styles in African attires .It offers entertainment, education and information. The dance is quite vigorous and moving
  2. The artefacts are also displayed for general viewing and sale for both local and international visitors. These items are made by group members and it is one way of raising the income to up keep the organization and create self-employment for the members who always assemble at organization center to engage in this activity. They are professional and they have had exchange program with Burundi and Malawi in the past. The organization is looking for partners and volunteers from local and international level to run the program.
  3. The volunteers’ rooms that are self-contained ,clean, have warm water, and have even all facilities even for cooking for those local and international tourists who may wish to prepare for their own choice of food. The rooms are allocated at organization offices in good conducive environment with security and friendly neighbouhood. The organization welcomes local and international tourists to come for holidays and weekends to its facilities.
  4. The organization engages in African beautiful baskets weaving that takes place at its organization premises .They sell locally and internationally. Therefore the organization is looking for partners and volunteers to create the market in Kenya and across the country.

Volunteer tasks

  • Take care of orphans
  • Weaving
  • Art work
  • Women training on self-awareness and confidence building
  • Women training on entrepreneurship skills and financial management 
  • Meetings and media campaign on women empowerment in leadership
  • Home visits and topical discussion with the local people


  • Volunteers are accepted to join this project at any time of the year and should arrive in Kenya on 20th day of the month. The duration of placement is flexible depending on the availability of the volunteer
  • 2-day orientation seminar will be done on the 21st and 22nd of every month 

Financial contribution

  • The project participation fee is Euro 200 per month paid upfront on arrival to the cover costs stipulated for the entire duration of the project. 
  • Monthly payment of participation fees is not allowed for conventional purposes. 
  • Volunteers accepted on MLTV project for one month will pay Euros 300 for the one month placement.

What is included in the participation fee?

  • Return transfers from the airport.
  • Full board at the project (Accommodation and meals provided at the project)
  • Orientation, evaluation and monitoring
  • Volunteer mentorship

What is not included in the participation fee?

  • Travel to and from the project. The volunteer will be required to pay for the bus tickets
  • Refreshments outside the project
  • Air ticket
  • Excursion
  • Visa and Insurance 
  • Local travel
  • Personal effects


  • Home stay and the volunteer is entitled to private room but will share other amenities and meals with the host family. 
  • It is convenient for the volunteer to carry sleeping bag, mat and personal effects.
  •  KVDA has a memorandum of understanding with the host project regarding the project costs with appropriate procedures, checks and balances.


  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi is the port of arrival and KVDA will designate a driver for the airport pick up. 
  • We strongly advice volunteers against getting taxis on their own without reference to KVDA due to the obvious risks and in case of any challenges on arrival kindly contact KVDA via mobile telephone 0721650357


  • Volunteers will be driven to the YMCA South hostels located 15 Kilometers away from the airport where they will be accommodated ahead of their placement to the project. 
  • The residence is situated in the serene environment with amble space for recreation and spectacular setting as the inauguration of volunteering to make a difference in the world.

Leisure time

  • Kenya is replete with a lot of interesting and natural spectacular sites of interest that would capture the imagination of volunteers. 
  • From the tour to the renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve to visits to local community beholding sights, the volunteers have the previledge to make choices that would fundamentally make the difference. 
  • The project also offers a perfect opportunity for people who enjoy being close to nature and are interested in the spectacular setting that traditional way of living in the heartland of the African culture would enrich your cultural heritage

Laundry and water:

  • Water is available at the hosting house from springs and it is important to preserve water at all times due to its scarcity and cooperation with the hosts will be highly appreciated
  • There are no washing machines in the institution and the volunteer will be guided on how to wash clothes


  • Volunteers are expected to have their own medical insurance and other personal expenses and it is important to carry your own medical and travel insurances.


  • Mentor for the volunteer from the hosting organisation: KVDA will designate its staff to play the role of mentoring and this is the vital link between the volunteer and the organization. The Mentor has the responsibility to enable the volunteer to efficiently execute their tasks with diligence.
  • Function of mentor: advise, educate, be a role model to the volunteers; providing problem solving, collaborative support, positive and non-evaluative feedback and emotional support for volunteers; to provide comfort, exposure, visibility and challenging assignments which directly support the volunteer’s personal and professional development; to provide counselling and friendship to support the volunteer’s self-image and competence and thus to listen, guide, advice, teach and offer professional support to the volunteers 
  • The mentor will be available for the volunteer as a constant supporting person. However, he/she should not be directly involved in the daily work of the volunteer.
  • Mentor’s Experience with international volunteers: More than 3 years’ experience with international volunteers

Project participants: Maximum 15 volunteers from different nationalities recruited through KVDA partner organizations

What to carry: This is outlined in the detailed info sheet and includes, sleeping bag and mat, toiletries, torch, flashlight, sandals, mosquito net, national flag from your country, among others

DONATION AND GIFTS: These are usually symbolic gestures to enhance the solidarity of volunteers and the hosting community. Kindly contact KVDA for details in case you are willing to support a worthy cause in the community either by offering a donation or long-term intervention on the project.

APPLICATIONS: Should be done at least one month in advance through KVDA partner organization in respective countries. KVDA does not accept direct applications by volunteers

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