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Miwani Primary School is located in the north coast, Miwani village, Ganda location in Malindi Constituency. It is supported by the community school run by Maziwani Primary School with the full support of both the community, the local government and Mafanikio Community Based Organization. It has a population of over 500 pupils with a team of 9 teachers who work under very difficult and appalling situation in order to educate these kids.  The village has a population of about 2000 people respectively.

The school was established in 2011 following the need to start another school given that the population had increased and the other public schools were a distance away. As it were, a few structures were set up with the help of local government and the school began running.

The school is in the heart of the village and enjoys serenity and tranquility of nature. However, most community members lack education thus is faced with a lot of economic hardships and poverty as a result.

Therefore, the support extended to the school remains minimal considering the life challenges that they undergo. In order to seal this gap, Mafanikio has partnered with the school, local government and the county government in order to provide intervention measures to improve the school infrastructure, provision of learning instructional materials, international volunteer services and school feeding program as a way of providing a conducive learning environment.

Project description

The project has short and long term goals that shall ensure that it stands on its own after a span of two years.  Some of the goals include; Teaching Mathematics, English & Social studies, Sports & games activities, Community meetings participation, Community development, Identifying weak students and focusing on their potential strengths, and Assisting the head teacher in admin work

The short term goals include; Providing furniture to the teachers (tables & chairs) and Construction of 3 Toilets

The long term goals; Borehole Classrooms and Fence

The government has pledged to construct two classrooms in aid of school development.  As a way of supporting the school, the local government together with other stakeholders shall organize for a fundraising for another classroom in December 2017.


  • Offering teaching services to the children especially in Maths, English & Science
  • Organizing educational trips and talent show activities
  • Helping out in the poultry project (management & operation) and to some extent manual work
  • Supporting school administration.
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