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Please make sure that you finish FAQ below.

How long will the process take?

A. The process will take approximately one month from the date of application. This is to allow time for volunteers to complete pre-departure briefing, along with all the necessary logistics such as arranging visas, work permits and medical checks.

Can I fill in the application form in a language other than English?

A. English is the most preferred language while filling the application form and also it will be the working language in the volunteer placement. Please make sure to fill in the application form in English.

Do I need a visa to enter Kenya?

A. Yes, you need a visa to enter Kenya. Please apply for a tourist visa in a Kenyan embassy. You can also obtain a visa at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on your arrival. The VISA cost for a three-month tourist visa is $50. Your visa can be extended once at the Immigration Office in Nairobi after 3 months.

Can I volunteer if I have a disability?

A. Yes disabilities is not inability, we offer an opportunity to physical challenged persons and for conventionl purposes we shall ask you to tell us about your disability on your application form. This is aimed at enabling us place you and the most appropriate project that you will be able to maximize your skills and knowledge.

Where will I stay?

A. We offer accommodation upon arrival and also KVDA in partnership with the local community will arrange your accommodation within the community. In most cases all short, medium and long term volunteers would be accommodated in a host family. Not all houses will have electricity, but we always try to ensure that there is a source of power and water source nearby. The host family is supported by KVDA to manage your meals during the stay.

Do I need vaccinations?

A. Yes, most likely you need vaccinations. Depending on your country of residence, you are required to take some vaccinations before you can enter Kenya. You should contact your preferred medical doctor to be consulted on all medical issues. Please prepare on time, as some vaccinations need several injections.

What expenses will I need to pay?

A. KVDA will provide host family support fee which is designed to meet reasonable living expenses in the community, and will not be enough for you to expect to have luxury living; Basic accommodation and induction support.The volunteer is expected to meet the following expenses: your insurance cover, flight, traveling to game parks, game reserves, hiking etc, visa application and renewal of the same.

Do I need special skills to volunteer?

A. No, you don’t need to have special skills to volunteer.

Can I come together with a friend?

A. Yes, you can come with your friend, but KVDA could place you in different work camps. If you want to be placed together with a friend, please indicate it clearly be in the application for the both of you.

How long can I participate in one of the KVDA projects?

A. KVDA offers projects of different durations. Our monthly Work camps last for 3 weeks, Medium and long term projects last for 2-6 months and Long Term projects last for one year. Many volunteers also choose to participate in a work camp first, before starting a medium or long term projects.

Will KVDA pick me up from the airport?

A. Yes, KVDA has a volunteer pick up team. They will pick you up from the airport upon arrival, before you start your journey to Kenya, please confirm with us, that we have received your correct flight details.

What shall I do with all my important documents?

A. Make copies of important documents (passport, data page and visa documents, credit cards, travel insurance policy, air tickets, driving license etc.) should be photocopied before you leave home. Leave one copy with someone at home and keep another with you, separate from the originals. We strongly advise you to leave a copy of your passport and your visa at the KVDA office.

How can I get money in Kenya?

A. There are ATM’s in every big town in Kenya. You do not need to carry traveler cheques or lots of cash. You should inquire in advance from your bank about the conditions and possibilities of withdrawing money with your bank card. In most cases it is advisable to have a master/visa card.

Is Kenya safe for me?

A. Yes, Kenya is a safe country. KVDA will provide you with the Do’s and Don’ts during your orientation. KVDA works closely with government departments and different embassies. Our past volunteers can bear witness with us: You will feel as safe and at home.” Kenya Yetu Hakuna Matata”. Safety and security begins with individuals and we caution against reliance on information from sensationalism by the mass media that often captures the negative aspects of the country. It is also good to mention that Kenya is not a community of angels as we have our own share of challenges just like other nations in the world.

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