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KVDA In Action

KVDA Community Service Program

KVDA has worked since 1962 with organizations locally and internationally creating a reputable name, sound infrastructure and the projects, are active proof of the philosophy “Development against Dependence”. KVDA’s role in this dimension is reinforced by the widening gap between the rich and poor

Deployment of volunteers to community development projects, including training and capacity building is KVDA’s core competence.

Inadequate resources from the State to support needy causes has seen the upsurge of organizations in the NGO sector, however KVDA remains best placed to address community problems with its long and renowned history anchored on international voluntary service.

Infrastructure for schools, education, ICT, livelihoods, children welfare, water, conservation, climate change, alternative energy, agriculture and wildlife reinforces the determination to make the difference.

Through the maxim “Development against Dependence”, KVDA is dedicated to transformational agenda that seeks to have people at the center of intervention strategies with bottom-up approach to embolden sustainable development.

KVDA is appealing to its alumni, friends and well-wishers to reconnect with the organization striving to enhance capacities for effective delivery on its mandate.

Join us on the journey to create something big for Kenya, something socially responsible, something sustainable.

KVDA seeks sponsorship to support innovative and unique projects through funding or professional skills and expertise.


KVDA Community Resource Centre (CRC)

KVDA is dedicated to establishing a Resource Centre that will play the pivotal role to enhance capacities towards self-development.

KVDA works with marginalized communities in Kenya on health, environmental and socio-economic improvements. This involves co-operation within education, housing, public works, community groups, businesses, schools, universities, and religious, civic and cultural organizations to ensure sustainable development.

The work at the resource Centre will support communities all over Kenya, wherever marginalized communities exist. It is expected that over 300 community groups and organizations working directly as partners of KVDA will benefit directly, and indirectly some 30,000 people served by the partner organizations. The wider community will have access to training and mentorship and will be enabled to exploit resources and up-to date technology resource materials at the Centre.

KVDA´s proven adherence to its principles of inter-human understanding and solidarity, and sustainable community development through voluntary service recognize KVDA as an experienced organization capable of realizing the goal of establishing the Resource Centre.

The outcomes are community benefits through increased empowerment, improved skills, increased incomes, better healthcare and increased security through the increase of community projects. The resource Centre will also lead in training and education in ICT, HIV/AIDS awareness, promotion of girl-child education, gender sensitization and FGM advocacy.

KVDA has the experience, knowledge, the network and the skills to establish a resource Centre that can move the concept of sustainable development to the next level.

KVDA seeks sponsorship to support this innovative and unique project through funding, sponsorship, professional skills and expertise.

Join us on the journey to create something big for Kenya, something socially responsible, something sustainable.

Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YELD)

KVDA prepares young people to be healthy, productive, and engaged citizens. We believe that educated, employed, and engaged young people possess the power to solve the toughest problems facing communities.

Every young person deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential recognizing that no one sector of society alone has the resources or expertise to effectively address the myriad challenges facing today’s youth.

We are constantly mobilizing a community of businesses, government departments, and civil society organizations – each committed to developing the power and promise of young people.

The project focuses on youth groups targeting to recruit and train at least 700 youth each year. The target group is aged between 14 and 35 years old, male and female from poor backgrounds.

It is important to note that more than 60% of the Kenyan population is comprised of the youth.

Cross cutting issues: The following cross-cutting issues are addressed throughout the program implementation.

  • Youth with disability.
  • Gender, equity and advocacy
  • Peace-building
  • Environmental impact


  • The YELD modules are standards-based curricula that reinforce academics through real world hands-on activities.
  • Participants work in teams to start and run their own small businesses.
  • Taking on different roles as leaders, analysts, controllers and traders, participants learn the basics of money management, saving, investing and entrepreneurship; as they apply for jobs, and design, manufacture, market and sell their products in the marketplace.
  • After completing the modules, the graduates are assisted to pursue higher education, internships, job placements, and business start-ups or expansion.
  • In addition, the graduates are formed into a youth community banking structure to enable them access financial services.

Enhancing Youth Capabilities:

  • KVDA develops and strengthens the capacities of young people to attain their full potentials.
  • KVDA fosters the application of best practices, quality standards, brings extensive experience in financial, investment, business services, and leadership to your challenges.
  • YELD develops talents, sharpens skills, helps to develop creativity, competitiveness, and independence.

Budget and source

  • The project targets youths at the lowest societal ladder majority of whom experience financial constraints as they have no reliable sources of income.
  • KVDA charges highly subsidized fees to cover direct costs.
  • KVDA seeks sponsorship to support this innovative and unique project through funding, sponsorship or professional skills and expertise.
  • Join us on the journey to create something big for Kenya, something socially responsible, something sustainable.

Past Performance and capacity

  • The training is delivered by well identified team that develops the curriculum.
  • The team has capacity and vast experience to deliver training to more than 1000 youths per year.

Kenya Voluntary Development Association (KVDA) is a registered nonprofit organization. We invite you to contact us to volunteer and join in our work to end poverty and create self-sustaining opportunities for Kenya, or donate to support KVDA’s mission.

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