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Short-Term Programs are perfect for people who only have little time for volunteering or don’t have the resources for a long-term stay but want to do something beyond just travelling. It is an interesting and meaningful way to travel with purpose and spend 3 weeks in a foreign environment. This Program caters for volunteers from different countries in the world. They work together towards a certain objective, like farming, women and youth empowerment, constructing a new school room,HIV/AIDS awareness among others. Orientation session is given to the volunteers before the project begins to help them get adequate information about the aims of project they are going to participate in, the host organization, the local norms and culture. Participating in a short term program has many benefits. Working and living together with other volunteers from around the world provides an excellent opportunity to make many new friends, learn about unknown places and cultures, and gain new skills and experience. In addition, your time, energy, and enthusiasm can make a difference in areas where help is really needed. The unique environment in a work-camp can reveal new sides of your character and personality and you can learn so much about yourself as well. You will find out that you are capable of doing things that you’ve never tried before.

Shimba Hills Forest Guides Association

Shimba Hills Forest Guides Association (SHIFOGA) is a group comprising of local youths who came together to support eco-tourism at the Shimba Hills National Reserve.
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Oloisukut Group Conservancy

The Maasai Mara National Reserve (also known as Masai Mara and by the locals as The Mara) is a large game reserve in Narok County, Kenya, contiguous with the Serengeti National Park in Mara Region, Tanzania.
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Miwani Primary School

Miwani Primary School is in the north coast, situated in Miwani village, Ganda location in Malindi Constituency.  It is a community school run by Maziwani Primary School with the full support of both the community and the local government.
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Esikoma Community Health Volunteers

Esikoma Community Health Volunteers (ECHV) is a community self-help group established in 2014 by local volunteers operating within Butula Sub County with its main office at Esikoma Market within Marachi central Ward, focusing on Health and community development and other health related issues.
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Kito International

KITO International is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to getting youth off the streets and out of poverty. Inspired and founded by a former street boy, KITO combats homelessness by providing economic opportunities.
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Ng’onzini primary School

Ng’onzini primary school was started in the year 1964 by the Mwachinga villagers. The main purpose was to bring learning services near the community. The school was built using local materials till the year 2000 when born free foundation came to build seven permanent classrooms and an office.
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Epang’a primary School

Epang’a Primary School was founded in 1928, by community members who valued education after being challenged by the Missionaries who had settled at Kima Mission Station.
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Esiarambatsi health center

Esiarambatsi Health Centre is one of the health centers established in the wider Emuhaya district to cater for the medical needs of the local people in the community. It’s a community-based health center which cares for mothers, children’s and also people living with HIV/AIDS.
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Nyamanche Primary School

Nyamanche Primary School started the year 1981 as a Government School. The School supports children from the neighbouring villages. It consists of 600 (six hundred) pupils, 350 girls and 250 boys.
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