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Short Term Volunteering Program


Medium term volunteer program is usually 2-6 months. It is a non-formal learning experiencewhich develops people’s sensitivity towards social and cultural differences, and also builds self-confidence, esteem and your problem-solving ability.

The program brings together individual volunteers as opposed to the short-term volunteering
program that brings together several volunteers on a community service project. The volunteers
are immersed into the local culture to a much greater extent allowing them to integrate better
with the local community and actually become part of it. Over time they learn the local language,
make friends and better understand the needs and challenges experienced by the local people.
This enables them to take a more active role in the running of the project where they contribute
towards its successful implementation.
On arrival orientation seminar is conducted to help you get acquainted with the project aims,
objectives, structure of the host organization, the local norms, traditions and practices. KVDA
provides a variety of projects from which the volunteer would make independent choices.

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