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Training of Trainers (TOT) on Conflict Management

Perception that men are superior in the homes negatively impacts on relationships between men and women with the preponderance of gender based violence


Women are considered as a property and partners in homes. This is reinforced through the cultural practices such as payment of dowry/bride price that diminished the bargaining power of women in homes. Perception that men are superior in the homes negatively impacts on relationships between men and women. Concerns has been raised about the laxity of law enforcement agencies with regards of reported cases of domestic violence perpetrating the practice and promoting the culture of violence. Polygamy is also one of the causes of domestic violence in families. Men fail to provide basis needs to the families thus bringing up conflict in the home.

AIM: To reduce the cases of domestic violence

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES – To create awareness on women rights as partners in marriages, to train men and women in conflict management and to sensitive law enforcement agencies on domestic violence

ACTIVITIES – Training on the rights of women as partners in marriage, training on conflict management for man and women and sensitization campaigns on domestic violence among law enforcement agencies.


Activity 1:  Men and women,

Activity 2:  Community health workers, community volunteers, village health teams  and

Activity 3:  Police, local councils, prisons.

METHODS: Non formal education, trainings and sensitization campaigns will be done in a participatory and informative way through group discussions/work and plenary discussions, forum theatre


Number of women who are aware of their rights (develop a questionnaire), number of domestic violence cases followed up in the year after the project and number of trainings organized by the trained participants in conflict management.

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