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Volunteer with Kenya Voluntary Development Association 2023

KVDA volunteer

Group of Kvda volunteers diverse people volunteer teamwork ,environment conservation, volunteer help to picking plastic and foam garbage

Kenya Voluntary Development Association (KVDA) is an indigenous, non-political and membership organization which is non-sectarian and non-profit making started in 1962 as a work camp organization registered under the Societies’ Act. In 1993, KVDA was registered as a Non-Governmental organization by the establishment of the NGOs Coordination Act.


Most volunteers in our camps are 18 years and above with the majority of them teenagers mostly from Kenya, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The work is often manual like construction, painting, renovation, organizing activities, landscaping/gardening; but one of the main aims of work camps is to encourage and increase intercultural learning and exposure to development challenges. No special skills are required essentially to underscore the significance of self-development. The working hours are six per day from Monday to Friday with free weekends. Most work camps are arranged in rural communities in the heartland of the African culture to provide the volunteers with unique opportunities for experiential learning.

Kvda volunteer with school pupils in Kenya

KVDA work camp facilitator is present in all camps. (S)he is either a volunteer with work camp experience or an individual with deep affinity to youth work and community development.

There are plenty of opportunities to visit local places of interest and enjoy spectacular sites to behold in Kenyan countryside, lakes and forests. Don’t forget that Kenya is a major tourist destination famed with the wildlife and the renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve and Lake Nakuru National Park that is a fascination that every volunteer in Kenya should not miss and this opportunity is offered through the educational tours organized by KVDA.

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