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( WAEMSWK )-Workshop About Early Marriages in South West Kenya

Volunteering in Kenya with KVDA Kenya. Kenya Voluntary Development Association creates awareness to parents and teenagers to tackle early marriages in the Kuria community where the repugnant rites of passage; thrives with abandon.

KVDA has conducted an assessment in Kuria community in South West Kenya and found out that early teenage pregnancy, poverty, bad cultural practices, e.g. FGM, illiteracy are the source for early marriage.

In order to address this key problem KVDA proposes to conduct a workshop on early marriage to tackle the problem. This workshop will help to decrease the higher number of illiteracy, FGM, mortality rate, street children, diseases like fistula.

As characteristic shows 52% of the population of teenagers in Kuria community are married at the age of 12 – 15 years.

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