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Porverty Reduction

Kito International Organisation

Project Name: Kito International Code: KVDA/MLTV/2021/34 Location: Kawangware slums, Nairobi City. Service Sector: Rehabilitation. Date 2021.
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Ushuhuda Network for Orphans and VC

Project Name: Ushuhuda Network for Orphans and vulnerable Children in Webuye Code: KVDA/MLTV/2021/28 Location: Webuye, Bungoma County. Service Sector: Education and Children Support. Date 2021.
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Ng’onzini Primary School (NPS)

Project Name: Ng'onzini Primary School Code: KVDA/MLTV/2021/15 Location:  Service Sector: Child Development Center. Date 2021.
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