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Our Story

Who We Are.

Our Story

Volunteer in Kenya with KVDA

Kenya Voluntary Development Association has a 59-year history of working to “develop against dependence”while cultivating trust and friendships with volunteers and partner organizations all over the world. The three mandates of the organization are as follows:

  • The Association is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious and non-political Association, whose inspiration is the furtherance of peace, friendship, understanding, development, democracy and equality among peoples of different cultures and backgrounds.
  • The Association is dedicated to seeking opportunities for young men and women from diverse national, cultural and educational backgrounds to live, work and share life and experiences in order to improve their world, to provide voluntary services to marginalized communities, to acquire alternative education, to gather information and build international cooperation.
  • The Association is further dedicated to mobilizing resources within and across national borders to support community development initiatives whose aims are to eradicate poverty and human suffering as well as to promote democracy and justice among peoples.

Bright Spots

Volunteering abroad International Partnerships – KVDA has a long history of successfully partnering with organizations around the world to deliver programs.

Successful recent partnerships include CCIVS, successfully implemented 15 Erasmus+ projects funded by the European commission, implemented Germany Government funded program “Weltwaerts”, worked with Lunaria Italy on series of EU bilateral projects, and in partnership with the Dobrudzha Agricultural and Business School in Bulgaria implemented Climate change project under Youth in Action program of the EU.

KVDA served on the Executive Committee of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) based in Paris France from 2004 and 2014.

This history of successfully partnering and assuming a leadership position with international organizations demonstrates KVDA’s aptitude for working cross culturally.

Network of Past Volunteers – KVDA has worked with thousands of international and Kenyan volunteers overthe years since inception in 1962.


The mission of KVDA is to promote peace, and understanding through international volunteerism combined with locally-driven, sustainable development. We believe that powerful personal and global change happens when people work together, build cross-cultural friendships, and mobilize their resources to support development against dependence.


KVDA envisions a more peaceful and connected world through International Voluntary Service


Strategic Objectives

  • Afford voluntary service opportunities to young people.
  • Mobilize communities to action.
  • Supplement formal education with experiential learning.
  • Create awareness amongst Kenyan communities about development issues.
  • Foster global peace, friendship and understanding. 
  • Mobilizing all-purpose resources to promote grassroots development.

Core Values or Operating Principles

  • Promotion of voluntarism.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Participatory evaluation of projects.
  • Local community ownership of projects: 
  • Continuous research and development. 
  • Regular follow up of projects.
  • A learning organization. 
  • Documentary evidence of processes and events.

Volunteering Opportunities

Our volunteering opportunities are organized monthly for the duration of 3 weeks in the heartland of the African culture.
The projects provide the rare opportunity for intercultural education, dialogue and adaptability to international circumstances.


Board Members

Mutumishi Njeru Kathangu
Fredrick Masiaga
Vice Chairman
Oneka Munanairi
Chrispin Ochieng
William Makech
Board Member
Joan Nyakowa
Board Member
Joyce Adisa
Board Member

Meet The Team

Mr. Africa
Oneka Munanairi
Executive Director

Phone: +254721650357
Email: oneka@kvdakenya.org

Jacktone Ombuya
ICT Consultant

Phone: +254705245578
Email: jombuya@kvdakenya.org

Lucy Kiura
Tours Consultant

Phone: +254724899560
Email: klucy@kvdakenya.org

Muthiani Nyamai

Phone: +254735607430
Email: mnyamai@kvdakenya.org

Betty Chebungei

Phone: +2547137558882
Email: cbetty@kvdakenya.org

Charles Mwashighadi Mwake

Phone: +254720134988
Email: cmwake@kvdakenya.org

Mwita Joseph Antony
Office Administration

Phone: +254717134499
Email: amwita@kvdakenya.org

Jarim Oduor Omogi
Public Health Researcher

Phone: +254727239519
Email: joduor@kvdakenya.org

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