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Educational Tours in Kenya

KVDA is recruiting volunteers to participate in its educational tours program to spectacular sites of interest designed at renowned jewels of nature gifted aura

General Information

Welcome to Kenya. Kenya is a travelers’ paradise and it is with a tremendous pride that we offer marvelous Tour information covering tour operations and great Safari Packages and any other useful travel and safari information guide necessary for travelers to Kenya and its resources’.
Over centuries, Kenya as a country has been shaped by Unique qualities of landscape, people and cultures, providing vibrant cultural diversity, History as well as wildlife, providing unforgettable magic providing outstanding natural beauty, adventure destinations and diverse landscapes.
Kenya is attributed to Wildlife. Zebras and Wildebeests that cross the Mara River during the Great Migration. Those on Bird watching Safari flock the country to view the vast range of species especially the flamingos around the salt lakes. This beautiful country offers a wide range of extraordinary opportunities, services and facilities for travelers which can only be experienced firsthand.

Background and history of Kenya

Kenya, a sensational tour destination, covers an area of 583,000 sq km and straddles the Equator. Around 13, 600 sq km are covered with Inland water which is part of Lake Victoria.

The country dominated by the Rift Valley, is bordered by Sudan and Ethiopia in the North, Uganda and Lake Victoria to the West, Somalia and the Indian Ocean to the East, and Tanzania to the South.

Kenya received its independence in 1963, and Jomo Kenyatta became the first President and ruled until his death in 1978. He was succeeded by his Vice President Daniel Arap Moi in 1978, and ruled Kenya for 24 years.

And in 2002, Mwai Kibaki became Kenya´s third President after elections, and he was inaugurated on 12 December 2002. He ruled Kenya until April 2013. Uhuru Kenyatta became the fourth president of Kenya after the March 2013 election.

He took over the mantle of leadership on April 9th 2013. He was re-elected as the President for his final term in October 2017 General Elections.


• Land Area: 538,000 sq km
• Location: lies astride the equator on the eastern coast of Africa.
• Capital: Nairobi
• Rainfall: Mid March to May (Long rains) and October to November (Short Rains)
• Average Temperature: Vary from 10°C to 28 °C
• Altitude: 1,524 m and 300 miles inland.
• Terrain: Low plains rise to central highlands bisected by Great Rift Valley; fertile plateau in west
• Vegetation: tropical rain forest at the shores of Lake Victoria, the Savannah in the Rift Valley and Highlands, and the north and northeast is sparse and primarily consists of thorn bush.
• Land use: Arable land: 8.08% permanent crops: 0.98% other: 90.94%
• Natural Resources: Gold, limestone, soda ash, salt, gemstones, fluoroscope, zinc, diatomic, gypsum, wildlife, hydro power
• Main Exports: Cement, Chemicals, Coffee, Fruit and Vegetables.
• National Parks and Reserves: Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Aberdare, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo, Meru, Marsabit National Park and Reserve,
• Rivers: Athi/Galana which empties into the Indian Ocean, and Tana which hits the coast between Lamu and Malindi, Mara River cutting across the Maasai Mara.

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