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Why volunteer?

Voluntary service the bridge of human trust

Voluntary Organizations exist in many countries, helping towards the development of various aspects of Community life. Our voluntary Work Projects mean a great deal more than just a group of people building or repairing something. They provide an opportunity for volunteers to give something other than money or skilled service. They provide a means by which people can express a concern for others in a very tangible way through their investment of time and physical energy.

They enable you to live in a community which needs you and your help, to learn and understand their life and aspirations of one another, to become aware of human needs and of the necessity for working together in search of practical solutions to the country’s educational, social and cultural problems. You only appreciate and respect one another different cultural background once you have understood why others behave and live as they do.

This Voluntary Service gives you the opportunity to work to attain local and world peace in a very personal way, by demonstrating a commitment to the society of humankind.

It is the bridge of human trust and understanding. The Denominator of international concern.

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