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KVDA Community Service Program

KVDA has worked since 1962 with organizations locally and internationally creating a reputable name, sound infrastructure and the projects, are active proof of the philosophy “Development against Dependence”. KVDA’s role in this dimension is reinforced by the widening gap between the rich and poor

Deployment of volunteers to community development projects, including training and capacity building is KVDA’s core competence.

Inadequate resources from the State to support needy causes has seen the upsurge of organizations in the NGO sector, however KVDA remains best placed to address community problems with its long and renowned history anchored on international voluntary service.

Infrastructure for schools, education, ICT, livelihoods, children welfare, water, conservation, climate change, alternative energy, agriculture and wildlife reinforces the determination to make the difference.

Through the maxim “Development against Dependence”, KVDA is dedicated to transformational agenda that seeks to have people at the center of intervention strategies with bottom-up approach to embolden sustainable development.

KVDA is appealing to its alumni, friends and well-wishers to reconnect with the organization striving to enhance capacities for effective delivery on its mandate.

Join us on the journey to create something big for Kenya, something socially responsible, something sustainable.

KVDA seeks sponsorship to support innovative and unique projects through funding or professional skills and expertise.

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